Actress Alexis Rhee to discuss challenges and the business of acting in Hollywood on CNN Headline News

Actresss Alexis Rhee talks to News Anchor Tracy Young

The Actress, who won a SAG Award for “Outstanding
Performance by a Cast Member” for her work in the
movie CRASH (2004) has just been cast in MATA LEAO

 Los Angeles, CA– Screen Actors Guild (SAG) 

Award-winning Actress Alexis Rhee Actress Alexis
Rhee (CRASH, 2004) discusses the challenges of
acting on  CNN Headline News local edition at the
Charter Cable  TV studios, Los Angeles, CA (dates
TBA, check local TV Guide listings.)

	“My brother directed me in a play while I
was learning to play the violin,” Rhee told
CNN Local Edition News Anchor Tracy Young in a
record five minute news segment.
“So then I got bitten by two bugs, music and

Alexis Rhee

Rhee, who is also a classically trained accomplished
violinist, a certified hypnotherapist,
Systems Engineer and a
black belt in the Martial Arts
has also written a screen play entitled, “Hal.”
The screenplay is about an old jazz pianist,who’s
suffering from Alzheimer’s in a nursing home.
“My mother passed away a year and a half ago from
the disease, and I know there are a lot of actors’
parents who are currently suffering from Alzheimer’s,
explained Rhee, who is currently shopping her
movie script.

When asked has it been easy to succeed in
Hollywood? She responded this way,
“Very, very difficult. The industry concentrates
on the things I don’t do,” explained Rhee.
“For example, speaking English without an accent.
They don’t care about what I can do
as an artist like playing the violin, martial arts
and acting. These skills are all secondary.
The first thing they ask is, ‘do you have an
America or Asian accent?’” she said.
Rhee is of Korean descent.For the full story visit:

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